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BodyFrame is not only the industry-leading mobile app to grow and scale personal trainers businesses, but we also offer marketing education specifically for fitness professionals. Ready to

take your business to the next level? Join BodyFrame Marketing Academy today!


Your Dream Client

Too many businesses skip the essential step of defining their target audience. If you don't know everything about your dream client, then how can you craft the perfect message, image, video, and offer that they need to hear? We help you mold your dream client so you can work only with your dream clients!


Grow Your Client Base

We will teach you how to leverage sales funnels and social media to quickly grow and scale your client base locally and online so you always have fresh, new, dream clients ready to work with you.


Client Growth Hacking

Add automation and technology to your wheelhouse so you can tap into the latest growth strategies to explode your clients. 


And more...

BodyFrame Mobile App

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BodyFrame is the premier mobile app for iOS and Android for personal trainers to grow and scale your business fast.

  • No Client Cap

  • Client in-app billing

  • Intuitive Client Calendar

  • Client Accountability System

  • Meal Plans

  • Training Programs

  • And more...

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the BodyFrame Ambassador Program?

The BodyFrame Ambassador Program allows us to work with other fitness leaders to help others grow their business with your mobile application. This is a paid referral position that gives you the mobility to earn limitless monthly commissions. Our ambassadors are a group of hand-selected fitness professionals who have a desire to help others in the industry while growing their business and countless others.  


BodyFrame Ambassadors are passionate members of the fitness industry and are dedicated to helping others get results. 


The Program is a simple, straightforward way for you to increase your earning potential by recommending the BodyFrame app to other trainers and followers. You gain the ability to use our mobile application to optimize your personal training businesses growth and industry expertise to instantly increase your own brand, credibility and income. 


This is not a business opportunity program. This is an exclusive opportunity for highly dedicated and influential people in the fitness industry. There is no sales requirements to meet, or any overhead. The income potential for you is unlimited. 


The only thing you'll need to do to be successful with this program is to recommend the BodyFrame app to your fellow trainers and followers.


We'll take the time to make sure you are fully educated on all the mobile application and how to educate and market to others. You will receive a personalized invitation link that tracks your referrals to the app as your earnings compound every month.


2. Do I have to purchase anything to be a BodyFrame Ambassador?

To be successful as a BodyFrame Ambassador you have to use the mobile app. We require all BodyFrame Ambassadors to have experience with our mobile application platform.


3. How do I get paid?

You will be paid monthly for your referrals from the previous month which will be direct deposited into your bank account.


4. How do I find out more and apply?

Applying is easy! CLICK HERE to fill out our application for our team to review and get back to you. Upon approval of your application, you will be asked to schedule an interview to speak with a member of our team for further review! 


5. Do you have a training program for BodyFrame Ambassadors?

Yes! Your knowledge and confidence in representing us is our priority! You will have access to several resources for affiliate marketing, and social media promotion. This will take place through one-on-one coaching from our staff, group conference calls, private Facebook Support Group, live conferences that you can attend at BodyFrame HQ, as well as through Virtual Training that you have access to 24 hours a day!


6. What are my chances of being accepted?

We pride our program on being exclusive and providing our customers with the best representation! While there is no set number of BodyFrame Ambassadors we can or cannot accept, we consider many factors in your application including location and your passion or ability to help others. The best way to find out is to apply!